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The Briefing 08-25-14

Podcast Transcript 1) Earthquakes in Napa and Peru reminder of instability of world Napa, Calif., gets back to business after 6.0 quake, USA Today (Elizabeth...

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The Briefing 10-04-13

Tragedy in DC and resulting social media/cable news frenzy; Politicians attempt compromise with an eye to re-election; Wendy Davis uses abortion filibuster fame as springboard…

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This Prayer Approved by the White House?

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The Pornification of a Culture — What’s Going on in the Office Next Door?

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Ask Anything Wednesday

Call with your question - you set the agenda.1-877-893-TALK(8255)Read this essay →


What Did Proposition 8 Mean for the Same-Sex Marriage Debate?

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Is It Time for a Woman in the White House?

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From Jesus to Christ: Newsweek Magazine and Easter (An Encore Presentation From 03/24/05)

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