The Briefing 08-24-17

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  • As the Powerball jackpot soars, states reap reward by preying on most vulnerable citizens
  • Oregon enacts nation’s most radical abortion law, making all taxpayers complicit
  • The sexual revolution goes to kindergarten: Schools 'betray' parents, indoctrinate kids

The Briefing 08-25-16

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  • God and the natural order: How should Christians process the deadly earthquake in Italy?
  • ISIS turns to kids for its future, recruiting new suicide bombers with toys and ice cream
  • New federal transgender rule threatens backbone of the American health care system—religious hospitals

The Briefing 11-23-15

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  • Mali and Paris attacks show developing rivalry between ISIS and al Qaeda, exposing same deadly worldview
  • Favored candidate loses Louisiana governorship overwhelmingly, exposing importance of character
  • Vocabulary debate over bathrooms and bathroom access adds to moral confusion of society

The Briefing 10-16-15

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  • Insanity of 'yes means yes' sex ed shows implausibility of sexual morality of consent
  • Generational differences in parenting demonstration of worldview beliefs
  • Inevitable meltdown of transgender movement clear in Chicago school locker policy, non-binary identification
  • Use of 'science' as moral authority evidenced with mislabeling of economics as science

The Briefing 08-25-15

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  • Stock market roller coaster reminder confidence in market should never be ultimate
  • Professor commits transgender revolution heresy by pointing out inescapable biological aspect of gender
  • Designers capitalize on gender blur in fashion trends, attempting to shape cultural norms
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