The Briefing 06-21-17

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  • London terror attack targeting Muslim community center exposes challenges Islam faces in the West
  • What is the role of government? The aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire in London that killed 79
  • The question of legacy after Bill Cosby's sexual assault accusations and mistrial

The Briefing 05-24-17

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  • Manchester bombing and the nature of terrorism: How terror assaults a society's stability and security
  • Why Christians must uphold together the biblical teaching of chastity and the sanctity of human life
  • Confirming a lie: An entire moral revolution in the new term "gender conformation surgery"

The Briefing 05-23-17

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  • Why have college commencements become so contentious? The real ambition behind the coercion
  • Hunger, poverty, and politics: The tragic political realities behind a starving Venezuela
  • The last performance of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus and the end of an American era

The Briefing 05-01-17

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  • Can a secular West recognize theologically motivated terrorism? Terror suspects arrested in London
  • Britain's Prime Minster has called for a snap election: Why it matters and what to watch for
  • Tim Farron, religious conviction, and the gatekeepers of secular doctrine
  • How one UK divorce law led to an entire generation of women, now in their 50's, who never married

The Briefing 01-31-17

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  • SCOTUS and the future of America: Trump to announce Supreme Court nominee tonight
  • Reflecting on the 2017 March for Life, there is much to be thankful for and more work to be done
  • From chimeras to chaos: Scientists create embryo that is part-human, part-pig
  • Terror strikes Quebec City: Six dead in anti-immigrant hate crime at Canadian Mosque