The Briefing 04-10-17

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  • Is the Cold War back? Considering the aftermath of the US strike in Syria
  • Suicide bombings in Coptic churches on Palm Sunday underscore threat to Christianity in Middle East
  • Judge Neil Gorsuch to be sworn in today after being confirmed by Senate in 54-45 vote
  • Great British controversy: Church of England outraged over removal of "Easter" from egg hunt on Easter

The Briefing 04-06-17

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  • 7th Circuit drops bombshell: Sexual orientation covered under Title VII of 1964 Civil Rights Act
  • Inaction would be unacceptable: International outrage as chemical weapons used again in Syria
  • Parsing the partisan divide: The competing worldviews of 5 political tribes in Washington, D.C.

The Briefing 10-05-15

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  • Brokenness of world evident through tragedies, failures in Afghanistan, Syria, and beyond
  • Oregon shooting example of disguised and irrational nature of evil
  • 25th anniversary of fall of Berlin Wall, a great moral scar of 21st century, passes largely unnoticed

The Briefing 09-08-15

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  • Waves of migrants fleeing to Europe overwhelm Europe, world
  • Judge's ruling on Kim Davis denies natural law higher than rulings of courts
  • Celebration of marijuana legalization leads to college pot consumption exceeding tobacco