The Briefing 03-14-14

Not Science Fiction: Malaysian airliner may have flown 4-5 hrs after losing contact; Vast generational shift toward secularization; Crucial vote in passing Obamacare now feels…

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  • contraception mandate
  • Malaysian Airliner
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The Briefing 10-22-13

Constitutional Crisis: judges legalizing same-sex marriage with no provisions for religious organizations; If you can’t beat em, join em: Secular alternative to being Jewish is…

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  • New Jersey
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The Briefing 09-27-13

Real crisis isn’t looming fed shutdown – real crisis is unwillingness to deal with economic problems; New research reveals “nones” really are secular after all;…

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  • William M. Struthers

The Briefing 09-10-13

French schools required to display “secularism charter”; California appeals court upholds gender conversion therapy ban; SBC Chaplains barred from performing same-sex marriage

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Transcript: How Does Secularization Really Happen?—A Conversation with Mary Eberstadt

    Mohler:  This is Thinking in Public, a program dedicated to intelligent conversation about frontline theological and cultural issues with the people who are...Read this essay →


How Does Secularization Really Happen?—A Conversation with Mary Eberstadt


The Briefing 06-20-13

Push to make euthanasia easier, even for teens, as humanity demands control over death; European push toward secularism, starting with removing Christian symbols from currency

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  • Belgium
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  • Euthanasia
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The Briefing 05-17-13

1. Rapid pace of secularization and rise of Islam in Great Britain Christianity declining 50pc faster than thought – as one in 10 under-25s is...

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The Briefing 05-09-13

1. Another New England state legalizes gay marriage - a reminder of the difference geography makes Delaware, Continuing a Trend, Becomes the 11th State to...

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  • Delaware
  • gay marriage
  • Liberalism
  • Mark Sanford
  • National Day of Prayer
  • Secularization
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The Briefing 03-15-13

1) Roman Catholics concerned over secularization in Europe. What can Evangelicals learn? Trends point to time for non-European pope, Financial Times (Norma Cohen) Roman Catholic...

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Rethinking Secularization: A Conversation with Peter Berger


Surrogate Motherhood and Christian Ethics

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Going To College And Leaving The Church

A newly released study from Lifeway Research suggests that a remarkably high number of young adults leave the church when they leave home for college....Read this essay →