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Ask Anything: Weekend Edition 05-17-14

1) What are the noetic effects of sin? 2) Why does God not save everyone? 3) Should evangelicals view Catholics as fellow believers?

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The Briefing 03-14-13

1) Pope Francis is 266th Pope - How should Evangelicals respond? The New Pope: Bergoglio of Argentina, New York Times (Rachel Donadio) Why evangelicals should...

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The Briefing 02-12-13

Story 1 - The importance and legacy of Pope Benedict XVI Catholics React With Shock, Sympathy and Muted Criticism, New York Times (Nicholas Kulish) Pope...

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The Briefing 08-23-12

Puritan View Of Adultery Turns Brits Into 'Caged Animals' Says Academic... Barnes And Noble Loss Narrows, Helped By 'Fifty Shades'... Biden And Ryan Share Faith,...

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The Briefing 06-06-12

Drone Strike Killed No. 2 In Al Qaeda... Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves A Test Of Obama’s Principles And Will... Too Much Power For A President......

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Will The Real George Washington Please Stand Up? The Faith Of Our First President

With contested questions of church and state abounding in our times, the religious convictions of the Founding Fathers become the stuff of controversy. In this...Read this essay →