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The Briefing 11-12-14

Podcast Transcript 1) Failure of pollsters to predict 2014 elections result of voters not voting Pollsters Missed Their Mark in Many States, Wall Street Journal…

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The Briefing 02-28-14

Inevitability of vast new "designer baby" industry; FDA considers fertility procedure allowing for "three-parent babies"; Embryo genetic testing: Search and destroy mission in the womb;…

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The Briefing 10-18-13

Words matter - Malaysian court restricts word "Allah" to Muslims; Calling homosexuality a sin is now a sin; Polyamory - The new "sexual orientation"; New…

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The Briefing 05-15-13

1. Gosnell’s America – He is not the only one with blood on his hands Abortion stigma created Gosnell, USA Today (Vicki Saporta)Harry Reid: Kermit…

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A New Bioethical Frontier: Choosing A Deaf Embryo

A deaf couple in Britain has sparked a firestorm of controversy by stating their intention to choose a deaf embryo during the IVF process. The...Read this essay →


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