The Briefing 05-11-15

Podcast Transcript 1) British elections bring into question the union of the United Kingdom The Tory Lesson for America, Wall Street Journal (Editorial Board) The...

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The Briefing 03-10-15

Podcast Transcript 1) Footage of OU fraternity's racist anthem exposes persistence of racism in 'modern people'  Oklahoma school's response to video caught between racism, Civil Rights...

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Lead with Empathy, Love Your Neighbor, Let the Truth Come Out — A Response to Ferguson

From a modified transcript of today's edition of The Briefing:   I first addressed the situation in Ferguson back on August 12th, which was then the...Read this essay →


The Briefing 04-30-14

Podcast Transcript 1) Restrictions on what ministers can do is of great concern for religious liberty North Carolina’s Gay-Marriage Ban Is Challenged by Church, New...

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Martin Luther King, Jr. at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

On April 19, 1961, Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered the Julius B. Gay Lecture at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. As historian Gregory A. Wills...


The Content of Our Character—Fifty Years Later Many Challenges Remain

"I have a dream,” declared Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as he addressed a crowd of several hundred thousand gathered on the Mall around the...Read this essay →


The Briefing 06-11-13

1. Karpen's clinic in Houston a reminder that every abortion clinic is a house of horrors Anti-abortion group targets doctor, some call it witch hunt,...

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The Briefing 10-10-12

As Protestants Decline, Those With No Religion Gain... Sandusky Sentenced To At Least 30 Years... Justices Face A Test On Race... Global Recession Risk Rises

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Racial Politics in the Church

In light of Sonia Sotomayor's judicial hearings, the issue of affirmative action has featured prominently in the news. How does the Church deal with issues...Read this essay →


Grand New Party: A Conversation with Ross Douthat

Have evangelical Christians been taken for granted by the Republican Party? In his recent book, Grand New Party: How Republicans Can Win the Working Class...Read this essay →


Can a Christian Fight?

After five years in Iraq, Americans continue to wrestle with the ethical questions surrounding warfare. For Christians, these questions are especially important and how we...Read this essay →


Barack Obama, Change, and Racial Reconciliation

The surging candidacy of Barack Obama has prompted many to ask whether Americans have finally overcome their regrettable history of racism and segregation. On today's...Read this essay →


Ask Anything Wednesday

Call with your question - you set the agenda.1-877-893-TALK(8255)Read this essay →


Does Racial Diversity Matter?

The Supreme Court's 5-4 decision today to declare two school integration plans unconstitutional has once again placed the question of racial diversity in America at...Read this essay →


Shock-Jock Radio and the Christian Worldview

The controversy over Don Imus' offensive remarks about the Rutgers Univ. women's basketball team has exploded in the cultural landscape and sparked a lot of...Read this essay →