The Briefing 02-16-16

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  • Christians should not be deterred from praying for anyone, even Richard Dawkins
  • Loneliness alarmingly cited as reason for expansion of physician-assisted suicide
  • Culture of death in Canada demands physician-assisted suicide for future dementia patients
  • UAE creates Minister for Happiness; begs the question, what makes us happy?

The Briefing 12-03-15

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  • San Bernardino violence only explicable in light of Christian understanding of human sin
  • In aftermath of California shootings politicians grasp for inadequate policy solutions
  • Despite dismissal of prayer as platitude, it remains key Christian response to tragedy

The Briefing 11-20-15

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  • Jewish prayer at shared holy site sparks controversy due to theology of prayer of Judaism, Islam
  • Significance of sibling-relationships to later life underlines tragedy of one-child China
  • Sociologists argue next step in sexual revolution for men to take up more feminine roles