The Briefing 09-01-16

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  • "De facto" parents? In stunning decision, New York's highest court radically redefines parenting
  • When it comes to their own children, liberals tend to be more concerned about pornography

The Briefing 04-20-16

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  • Utah legislation recognizes pornography a problem—a health problem, that is, not a moral one
  • As polygamy is struck down in UT, Harvard law prof. argues for its constitutionality in NY
  • Obama Administration issues threats to states that have defunded Planned Parenthood
  • Morality and mortality are correlated in new study on wealth, geography, and life expectancy

The Briefing 04-14-16

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  • The world is waking up to the harms of pornography, but glaringly missing is moral concern
  • Hollywood opposes anti-revenge-porn bill after realizing it could implicate their films
  • Prom dress controversy reveals society today is embarrassed more by modesty than immodesty

The Briefing 04-01-16

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  • Trump reveals ignorance on historic pro-life position in interview, recants hours later
  • Obama's FDA modifies label on abortion drug making abortion-on-demand even more of a reality
  • Time magazine uses pornographic cover for story on the harmful effects of pornography

The Briefing 02-05-16

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  • Prior to considering legal challenges of revenge porn is the morality of pornography itself
  • Recommending "safe sex" in light of Zika virus fails to consider meaning of "safe" or "sex"
  • Utah legislator recognizes harmful effects of porn, dismisses as merely correlation
  • Barbie's new figure reminds that even toys have a worldview behind them
  • Students paying full tuition at Ivy League business school for new age spiritualism
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