The Briefing 09-13-16

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  • Could reality TV define our national reality? "Sister Wives" polygamy case appeals to Supreme Court
  • Rationality, desperation theory, and the attempt to understand North Korea's latest nuclear test
  • Birds of a feather flock together: What your friendships reveal about your worldview

The Briefing 04-20-16

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  • Utah legislation recognizes pornography a problem—a health problem, that is, not a moral one
  • As polygamy is struck down in UT, Harvard law prof. argues for its constitutionality in NY
  • Obama Administration issues threats to states that have defunded Planned Parenthood
  • Morality and mortality are correlated in new study on wealth, geography, and life expectancy

The Briefing 09-01-15

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  • Enduring nature of temptation to idolatory illustrated in current events
  • Indiana editorial's celebration of total non-discrimination exposes pervasiveness of sexual revolution
  • Polygamy lawsuit depends on Supreme Court gay marriage ruling for defense