The Briefing 08-03-17

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  • Safe, legal, and rare no longer: Oregon legislators adopt aggressive new abortion law
  • Pro-lifers welcome? Not so fast, says far-left members of the Democratic party
  • Germany and Australia embrace same-sex marriage under corporate and international pressure

The Briefing 01-04-16

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  • Upheaval in Middle East reminds of theological rift in Islam between Shiite and Sunni sects
  • Leftward moral and political trajectory points to more fundamental American secularization
  • Absence of religious affiliation lends to politics becoming religion, basis for moral life

The Briefing 10-20-15

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  • Differing views of moral issues facing nation illustrate bifurcation of American politics
  • Republican debate to be held in Boulder exposes diversity of understandings of reality
  • Oprah's ambitions to shape American faith in own image evident in interview with Colbert
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