The Briefing 09-28-15

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  • Boehner resignation from Speaker of House signals fissures within conservatives in America
  • Planned Parenthood conflict reveals life and death significance of political process
  • Pope's statements in US leave confusion, paving way of leftward trajectory for Catholicism
  • Liberal theology's marriage to liberal politics leads to secular liberalism

The Briefing 09-25-15

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  • Pope's Congress address fails to mention Jesus, affirms leftward leading of Roman Church
  • Abortion videos expose divide over abortion as either murder or morally insignificant
  • Pagan Pride Day reveals inherent spiritual identity and needs even in hyper-modern age

The Briefing 09-23-15

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  • Overtly political nature of Pope's visit celebrated by 'cafeteria progressives'
  • Justice Scalia critiques judicial activism of courts, relativization of Constitutional text
  • Single-issue politics, Doritos, and national park proposal reveal success of moral revolution
  • Liberal synagogue hosts Planned Parenthood fundraiser illustrating worldview divide between liberal and conservative parts of religion

The Briefing 08-24-15

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  • Ohio bill banning Down Syndrome abortions exposes shame of America for permitting such deaths
  • Marches against Planned Parenthood across the nation on Saturday contained thousands
  • Coalition opposes faith-based organizations receiving any federal funds in secular state
  • North Korea shifts time zone in effort to assert independence from Japan and entire world

The Briefing 08-17-15

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  • Politicians, including White House, defend Planned Parenthood in cycle of anti-life
  • Efforts to defund Planned Parenthood critiqued as inconsistent with destruction of embryos
  • Colorado baker informed by court his Christian convictions need not apply to baking
  • Federal court instructs nuns on whether nuns should oppose contraception mandate

The Briefing 08-06-15

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  • Fox News Republican candidate debate first major debate of 2016 presidential race
  • Jon Stewart's final show reminder of legacy and influence of comedy news
  • Planned Parenthood presentation of abortion as minor part of services debunked by Slate
  • 70th anniversary of Hiroshima bomb somber token of the horror of nuclear weapons

The Briefing 08-03-15

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  • Shocking videos investigating Planned Parenthood confront America with reality of abortion
  • Major media attempt to complicate simplicity of Planned Parenthood scandal
  • Outrage over Cecil the Lion expressed by Planned Parenthood defenders a tragic irony
  • Ashley Madison hack exposes violation of trust by website helping violate marital trust