The Briefing 11-05-14

Podcast Transcript 1) ‘Wave election’ for Republicans points to deepening worldview divide between two major parties A Most Pivotal Election, Wall Street Journal (Fred Barnes) National…

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The Briefing 11-01-13

Indiana Court to decide: "What exactly constitutes a parent?" Belgium considers extending euthanasia to children and Alzheimers patients; Most catastrophic loss of wealth in history?…

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Sorry Kids: Back to School = Back to Bedtime

Sorry kids, back to school means back to bedtime. One of the odd characteristics of our time is our apparent need  for scientific verification of...


Our Children and Money

A recent New York Times article reveals that parents are concerned their children are not ready to launch out of the home and into the...Read this essay →


Are Parents Surrendering Control?

An 8-year-old yells at his father trying to make him put his coat on, calling him a "control-freak."  The New York Times cover story from...Read this essay →


Pornography — The Difference Being a Parent Makes

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, recently sent an email asserting his company's right to refuse to sell pornography.  Answering the objection that he was "imposing...Read this essay →


When Adoption Fails, the Gospel is Denied

The tragic spectacle of a seven-year old boy sent flying alone back to Russia, returned by an adoptive mother in the United States, has caught...Read this essay →


Giving Men Power Over Women: Encouraging Abortions

Does legalized abortion really give women freedom over their bodies? Evidence would suggest the opposite. When women are given the freedom to "choose" whether or...Read this essay →


The Morning After Pill and the End of Parenthood

The drive for reproductive control is a central obsession of the left, and it has infected many who would otherwise classify themselves as conservative as...Read this essay →


Love and Marriage, but Hold the Baby Carriage

A newly released report from the Pew Research Center suggests that Americans are less likely to associated parenthood with marriage; for many couples, childbearing is...Read this essay →