The Briefing 08-05-16

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  • The Good, the Bad, and the Olympic: The Olympics, then and now
  • "Clemency, please, Mister President": President Obama's clemency order
  • No longer a danger to himself or others? John Hinckley, who shot Pres. Reagan, released from psychiatric hospital.
  • A pardon, seriously? Gov. Brown rejects pardon request of "model prisoner" — a Manson family murderer.

The Briefing 12-16-15

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  • TIME person of the year shortlist and final selection summarize cultural moments in 2015
  • LGBT magazines choose SCOTUS, Obama as persons of the year, signaling massive cultural shift
  • Evangelical professor says Christians and Muslims worship same God, contrary to Scripture

The Briefing 12-07-15

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  • Pres. Obama concedes reality of war with terrorists despite denouncing view in past
  • Popularity of ISIS reminder of weakness of theologically disarmed American worldview
  • Effects of including women in all combat roles begin to sink in

The Briefing 11-11-15

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  • Obama administration exercises cultural power of presidency in support revision to Civil Rights Act
  • Collision between erotic and religious liberty evidenced in Atlanta fire chief lawsuit
  • Secularization of America shown in diminishing size of Christian groups on college campuses
  • Supposed Starbucks furor reminder not to confuse church's business with that of corporate America
  • Veterans Day reminder to give honor to whom honor is due

The Briefing 10-02-15

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  • Oregon community college shooting tragic demonstration of evil and sin
  • Obama's call to combat ISIS ideologically rejected by UN intimidated by strength of Islam
  • Majority of Harvard freshman class secular, foreshadowing future of American elites
  • In light of secular confusion, important for evangelicals to assert biblical basis of value of all living creation
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