The Briefing 09-20-17

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  • ‘Will and Grace’ returns, but is it edgy enough?
  • Rolling Stone magazine for sale: How cultural artifacts quickly become more of the past
  • Millennials cast their ballots, or not: Will their failure to vote hurt Democrats?
  • Why the Australia same-sex marriage vote will tell us a lot about the future of marriage, mail, and millennials

The Briefing 04-12-17

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  • A tale of power, opportunity, & moral failure: Alabama Governor resigns amid unfolding scandal
  • Study shows millennials more traditional than previous generations when it comes to family life. Why?
  • When heroes are no longer heroic: Is progressivist agenda to blame for Marvel Comics sales slump?

The Briefing 02-09-17

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  • The chilling logic of abortionist Willie Parker: "A fetus is not a person; it’s a human entity."
  • Should tax payer money go to churches that counsel women to get abortions?
  • Spokesman claims Planned Parenthood is "the lynchpin" for growing a healthy future for families
  • Study: Millennials think having sex is less intimate than going on first date or meeting the family

The Briefing 05-03-16

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  • A majority of millennials reject capitalism and support Bernie. Is this the future of America?
  • The language of postmodernity: why the phrase "I feel like..." undermines the truth
  • Can you legislate morality? Why the U.S. has in the past and should continue to in the future

The Briefing 01-18-16

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  • US hostage exchange with Iran elicits both thankfulness and moral indignation
  • Anglican Church's 3-year time limit for ECUSA sanctions more likely a ticking time bomb
  • Moral "arousal" vs. "outrage" difference between inactive provocation and active conviction
  • New study assumes children innately good, not sinful, concludes lying cause for celebration

The Briefing 10-28-15

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  • Influence of parenting in indicating and determining worldview evident in millennials
  • Recognition of importance of fathers for boys in New York Times evidence of common grace
  • Objections to national slogan reflect understanding of its inherent theological sense