The Briefing 05-19-16

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  • Chasing a higher high, NYC teens turn to dangerous substance made from marijuana extract
  • Will capitalism transform cannabis, or will cannabis transform capitalism in California?
  • Feminists watch closely as the Pope considers women for the diaconate in the Catholic Church
  • If we abandon the doctrine of creation, we abandon the ability to speak of a created order

The Briefing 02-25-16

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  • Commander in chief or entertainer in chief? Presidential candidate expectations have changed
  • Literature's power to influence culture made clear in two prominent authors' obituaries
  • Nobel Peace Prize winner and ex-Polish President Lech Walesa denies charges of corruption
  • Entrepreneurs seek to capitalize on cannabis by removing "stigma" around weed 

The Briefing 12-8-15

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  • Dividing line in America defined by theism, not belief in the transcendent
  • Feminist Gloria Steinem's individualism glaringly excludes the individual in the womb
  • Bermuda hotel celebrates inclusion by excluding marriage event in the name of diversity
  • Canada primed to legalize marijuana, eyes consequences in Colorado

The Briefing 11-12-15

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  • Mexico Supreme Court strikes down marijuana laws on basis of individualism
  • Marijuana start-up companies aim to profit off of expansion of weed market
  • Russian athlete doping scandal reminder sin prevents humans from ever policing self
  • Helmut Schmidt, significant leader of 20th century, dead after seeing rise and fall of Nazism and Soviet Union
  • Diplomatic impasse over wine at dinner between France and Iran exposes inescapable nature of theology

The Briefing 11-02-15

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  • Kentucky governorship election's significance elevated by conflicts over gay marriage, Kim Davis
  • Amendments to legalize marijuana in Ohio sow confusion as big business co-opts industry
  • Possible overturn of Houston 'bathroom ordinance' threatens city's progressive reputation, economic status
  • Discussion of dying sun reveals secular worldview expectation of end of world

The Briefing 10-21-15

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  • Trudeau made Prime Minister in election that reveals radical worldview shift in Canada
  • Paul Ryan's candidacy for Speaker of House will test ability of Republicans to unify
  • Surge of cannabis industry in Colorado illustrates success in mainstreaming marijuana

The Briefing 09-18-15

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  • Appeals court ruling sets up Obamacare religious freedom clash in Supreme Court
  • Obama defends Planned Parenthood, furthers culture of personal autonomy idolatry
  • NFL teams profit from gambling in guise of fantasy football even as it denounces gambling
  • Self-inflicted wound of marijuana on Colorado not a laughing matter

The Briefing 09-15-15

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  • Study links homophobia to mental illness, using therapeutic worldview to further moral shift
  • Justice Breyer presents European courts as moral standard for US decisions
  • First legal crop of pot in DC sows moral confusion as cannot be legally sold
  • Power of images to shape our feelings important factor in how we view world as Christians

The Briefing 09-08-15

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  • Waves of migrants fleeing to Europe overwhelm Europe, world
  • Judge's ruling on Kim Davis denies natural law higher than rulings of courts
  • Celebration of marijuana legalization leads to college pot consumption exceeding tobacco

The Briefing 08-21-15

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  • Impressive advance in gene editing expose lack of boundaries to 'progress' in Western worldview
  • Marijuana's rising approval neglects reality of consequences and harm of its legalizaiton
  • Denver councilmen express moral concern over religious values of Chick-fil-A owners
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