The Briefing 06-19-17

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  • The illiberality of secularism: UK Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron resigns over Christian beliefs
  • With loss of theological vocabulary, society no longer knows what to say in the aftermath of tragedy

The Briefing 11-10-15

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  • Obama immigration executive order blocked by court, sets up Supreme Court ruling
  • University of Missouri system president resigns in midst of racial concerns
  • Concern about trajectory of nation shared by both partisan groups, with problem differing
  • Study finds journalists, interpreters of news overwhelmingly identify as politically liberal
  • Authoritative view of science overlooks role of politics in scientific formulation
  • Morality looms large even in article on demand for 'natural' food for dogs

The Briefing 11-05-15

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  • Dramatic conservative victories reveal 2015 elections to be a bellwether election
  • Election results exposes major error in liberal narrative of American culture
  • 'Suffragettes' movie avoids early suffragette and feminist opposition to abortion
  • View of modern parenting as more difficult than parenting in past reflects historical naiveté
  • Russian plane crash possibly downed by ISIS, despite previous Western denial

The Briefing 10-15-15

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  • Swerve leftward of Democrat party away from centrism exposes disappearing middle ground in American politics
  • Election of gay married priest, Christmas parishes expose confusion of gospel mission in Church of England
  • Gallup no longer polling 2016 election, as predicting voters considered too unreliable