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Podcast Transcript 1) Moral contradiction of life of Nobel winner Günter Grass shows absolute need for divine grace  Günter Grass Dies at 87; Writer Pried Open…

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The First Thanksgiving and the Task of the Historian – A Conversation with Robert Tracy McKenzie


Can Liberal Christianity Be Reinvented? – A Conversation With Theologian Theo Hobson


Books for a Summer Season — Some Recommended Reading

Serious readers tend to read by season. A worthy book is ripe for the reading in any season, but winter seems to privilege the weightier...Read this essay →


The Moral Lessons of World War II, 70 Years Later

On the 70th Anniversary of the Nazi invasion of Poland, Dr. Mohler discusses the important moral lessons learned from World War II. As nations look...Read this essay →


Why Christian Institutions Are So Easily Lost

Why do Christians lose their institutions? American history is full of institutions and organizations founded on orthodox Christian conviction that eventually abandoned their ideological and...Read this essay →


Can the Church Learn from the World?: A Conversation with Millard Erickson

Can Christians learn anything from studying biology, history, or philosophy? Dr. Millard Erickson joins guest host Russell Moore in the studio today, for a helpful...Read this essay →


Is A New Great Awakening On The Way?

Jim Wallis' new book suggests that a new Great Awakening is on the way and it will dramatically change--for the better--the way in which Americans...Read this essay →


What Happened To American Mainline Protestantism?

For some time now, commentators have noticed the marked numerical decline of America's mainline Protestant denominations. And, in case you haven't noticed, these denominations have...Read this essay →


The Problem of Perpetual Adolescence

Are adults becoming extinct in America? Not if you look at Census data, but according to Diana West we have become a nation of people...Read this essay →


Niche Churches: Becoming ‘All Things To All People’?

Including everything from hip-hop churches, cowboy churches, and even cyber-churches, Christianity is increasingly being target-marketed toward specific subcultures and niches within American society. On today's...Read this essay →


Who Was the Greatest Leader of the Past Century?

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