Gay Rights


The Briefing 12-04-13

New York State Supreme Court to decide if chimpanzees are legal persons; Act of Desperation: Democrats overthrow filibuster to preserve abortion rights; Is 2013 the…

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  • Abortion Rights
  • animal rights
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  • Chimpanzees
  • Democrats
  • Filibuster
  • Gay History
  • Gay Rights
  • Men
  • Women

The Briefing 11-06-13

After 30 years, legislative prayer will return to the Supreme Court; Measure to outlaw discrimination based on gender orientation passes Senate; Gay-rights advocates celebrate 2013…

  • Audio
  • ENDA
  • Gay Rights
  • Legislative Prayer
  • Non-Discrimination Act
  • Supreme Court

The Briefing 10-25-13

New Mexico court to decide marriage "once and for all." Really? 13 year old boy shot and killed by deputies in San Francisco for carrying…

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  • Colorado Springs
  • gay marriage
  • Gay Rights
  • guns
  • New Mexico
  • Parenting
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  • Republicans
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  • So Help Me God
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The Briefing 09-06-13

Frightening new anti-bias ordinance in San Antonio threatens religious liberty; U.S. must stand for what's right against myth of the "international community"; German officials storm…

  • Anti-Bias
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  • Gay Rights
  • Germany
  • Homeschooling
  • International Community
  • Marijuana
  • San Antonio

The Briefing 01-28-13

Story 1 – Celebrities, athletes, and reality TV: Is any of it real? Does it matter? Celeb liars, fakers: Does it matter if it’s real…

  • Entertainment
  • Gay Rights
  • March for Life
  • Pro-Life
  • Reality TV
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  • Violent Games

The Briefing 10-01-12

State Bans Gay-Repair Therapy For Minors… California Is First State To Ban Gay ‘Cure’ For Minors… Till Death, Or 20 Years, Do Us Part

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  • Gay Repair Therapy
  • Gay Rights
  • Marriage

The Briefing

Newsweek Redefines Masculinity… The Courts take on Gay Rights… Women take over the Swiss Government… A Church apologizes for doing its Job… And a debate…

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  • Gay Rights
  • Masculinity
  • Newsweek
  • Swiss Government
  • Urinary Segregation

Legislating Hate Crimes for Some People

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