Foreign Policy


The Briefing 12-02-13

As much as the President needs to deal with domestic issues, the world presses itself upon us; Can rap and the Gospel go together? Never…

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The Briefing 09-26-13

Leader's must be clear. President Obama has not been.; Obama increasingly restrained by liberals; Hypocrisy in Congress: Congressional members exempting themselves from Obamacare; Government ran…

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The Briefing 09-09-13

Syria: Argument for state sovereignty winning over argument for human rights; Syrian Christians fleeing one of the last villages on earth where Aramaic still spoken;…

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The Briefing 08-19-13

American foreign policy: speak loudly and carry a very little at all; "Biggest wave of violence against Christians in Egypt's modern history"; Universal child care…

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The Briefing 08-05-13

Embassies shut down in response to al Qaeda threats; Secular world baffled by In-N-Out, Hobby Lobby, and other "Christian" companies; Pentagon decides explicit magazines no…

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