The Briefing 03-24-14

Politically active judges are not responding to Supreme Court decisions, but anticipating them; Obama's visit to Saudi Arabia will reveal if he is truly serious…

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  • Judicial Activism
  • Michigan
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The Briefing 10-10-13

Obvious research alert: Parenting is exhausting and highly rewarding; When governments prey on their own citizens: Casino gambling predatory on the poor; Dogs are people…

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  • Blessings of Animal Services
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The Briefing 09-26-13

Leader's must be clear. President Obama has not been.; Obama increasingly restrained by liberals; Hypocrisy in Congress: Congressional members exempting themselves from Obamacare; Government ran…

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The Briefing 05-08-13

1. Relief in Cleveland reminder of global sex slavery problem Three Women Reunited with Families After Years of Captivity CNN (Michael Pearson and Martin Savidge)…

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The Briefing 01-04-13

Story 1 – Growing diversity in Congress is a wake-up call to Christians In A Diverse New Congress, Several ‘Firsts’, Wall Street Journal (Andrew Grossman)…

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  • Diversity In Congress
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