David Cameron


The Briefing 04-23-14

What does David Cameron's "classic" Church of England membership amount to? Not much; A quarter of Italian women end childbearing years without children; Freeze your…

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The Briefing 04-22-14

God, the Gospel, and the Gay Challenge - Will Christians remain true to scripture? Why are atheists so outraged David Cameron called Britain a Christian…

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The Briefing 06-03-13

1) Tornadoes and wildfires threaten as we remember the grace and mercy of an omnipotent God ‘Unpredictable’ storm in Oklahoma turned on three chasers, CNN…

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The Briefing 05-22-13

1. The “Storm of Storms” raises many important worldview questions. Christians should be prepared to give an answer. Crews Search for Survivors in Oklahoma, New…

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The Briefing 05-20-13

1. Historic week for Boy Scouts: decision will send far-reaching cultural signal Will Boy Scouts accept gay youth? Vote is imminent, Associated Press (David Crary)…

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