The Briefing 11-27-13

Foundations of religious liberty not found in Constitution - just recognized there; Biggest questions about Newtown not answered in report and cannot be answered apart…

  • Adam Lanza
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  • Constitution
  • Newtown
  • Religious Liberty
  • Sandy Hook
  • Thankfulness
  • Thanksgiving

The Briefing 10-11-13

Extend crisis deadline? Politics as theatre is growing tiresome and frustrating.; Are we witnessing a meltdown of the constitutional order?; New law in California permits…

  • Abortion
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  • California
  • Constitution
  • Debt Ceiling
  • Debt Crisis
  • Jerry Brown
  • Kwame Kilpatrick
  • Prenatal Screening
  • Ultrasound

The Briefing 03-25-13

Story 1 – One of the most momentous weeks in constitutional history of The United States In gay marriage cases, Supreme Court may choose caution…

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  • Constitution
  • France
  • gay marriage
  • Same-Sex Marriage
  • Supreme Court

The Briefing 01-21-13

Story 1 – Why theĀ inaugurationĀ is important for all Americans – particularly Christians Obama Sworn In for 2nd Term, This Time Quietly, New York Times (Jackie…

  • Barack Obama
  • Constitution
  • Inauguration
  • Lance Armstrong
  • Repentance

The Briefing, Monday, December 3, 2012

TODAY 1. The Supreme Court and Same-Sex Marriage -- A Decision Not to Decide is Still a Decision. 2. First Same-Sex Marriage in West Point's...


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