The Briefing 01-05-17

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  • Religion and politics: Why is the 115th Congress more religious than the American people?
  • The American religious landscape: A closer look at Gallup's 5 key findings on religion in America
  • Thomas Sowell, one of the most insightful conservative voices of our generation, retires at 86

The Briefing 09-30-16

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  • Checks and Balances: Congress overrides Pres. Obama's veto for the first time in his presidency
  • Electoral accountability: Elected state judges less supportive of LGBT rights than appointed ones
  • Today marks 40th anniversary of the Hyde amendment, which protects taxpayers from paying for abortions
  • New Ligonier and LifeWay study shows widespread theological confusion in America, even in our churches

The Briefing 10-01-15

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  • Planned Parenthood congressional hearing exposes limits of politics on moral issues
  • Pope meeting with Kim Davis underlines quandary of Francis' desire to appeal to everyone
  • Pope's political messaging consequence of sacramental division of practice and doctrine

The Briefing 09-25-15

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  • Pope's Congress address fails to mention Jesus, affirms leftward leading of Roman Church
  • Abortion videos expose divide over abortion as either murder or morally insignificant
  • Pagan Pride Day reveals inherent spiritual identity and needs even in hyper-modern age