The Briefing 01-06-14

Extreme Cold moves across the midwest and east coast; Boy Scouts start allowing gay members at the first of the year; Bill de Blasio gets…

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  • Boy Scouts
  • Colorado
  • Marijuana
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The Briefing 12-16-13

Horror in Colorado school: How do we understand the human heart? Decision seemed inevitable, now here it is – Federal Judge strikes down criminalization of…

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  • Heisman
  • Integrity
  • Jameis Winston
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The Briefing 11-07-13

Political shifts indicate moral shifts – New York elects decidedly liberal mayor; Christie wins in a commanding way as McAuliffe wins by surprisingly narrow margin;…

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The Briefing 09-16-13

50th anniversary of 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing; Epic flooding in Colorado reminder humans not in control; 5th anniversary of Wall Street collapse: Have we…

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The Briefing 05-02-13

1. In Boston, the gift of friendship turning toxic and dangerous U.S. Detains 3 in Connection with Boston Bombings, New York Times (Katharine Q. Seelye,...

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The Briefing 03-13-13

1) Gay marriage fight not about marriage; it's about normalization. Colorado House passes civil unions, but fans note marriage is equality Denver Post (Lynn Bartels)...

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Adultery: When Law and Morality (used to) Agree

The Colorado legislature is considering the repeal of laws in the state that criminalize adultery or any act that would "promote sexual immorality." According to...


The Briefing 03-04-13

Story 1 - Why are adultery laws there in the first place? And why do they seem archaic now? Bill to repeal adultery, sexual immorality...

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Losing Our Freedom in a Pornified Culture

A recent article in First Things suggests that American families have lost their freedom to actively engage as Christians in a society increasingly immersed in...Read this essay →


When Is It Time to Leave a Church? A Lesson in San Joaquin

For the first time since 1860 a diocese of the Episcopal Church has seceded from the national body. The vote came Saturday as delegates to...Read this essay →