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The Briefing 09-23-14

Podcast Transcript 1) Islamic State threat to Westerners  clear statement that warfare is always theological Islamic State: 'You are not even safe in your bedrooms', Telegraph...

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The Briefing 05-08-14

Podcast Transcript 1)Emily Letts attempts to undermine moral sense of guilt by filming own abortion Why I Filmed My Abortion, Cosmopolitan (Emily Letts) Philly Actress...

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The Briefing 01-22-13

Story 1 - The President's ideological inauguration speech - what are the significant issues? Obama sets out goals in inauguration speech: 'we are made for...

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The College Campus and the New Gender Revolution

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Put a Stop to Large Families?

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Creation Care, Climate Change, and Christian Stewardship

A recent statement from a group of prominent Southern Baptists calling for more progressive dialogue on the question of Christians' obligations to care for the...Read this essay →


Divorce And Remarriage: A Shifting Evangelical Consensus?

The media has taken note of evangelicals' gradual acceptance of a new position on divorce and remarriage. On today's program, Dr. Mohler takes a look...Read this essay →