The Briefing 02-26-16

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  • Middle ground eroding in abortion debate because it is morally untenable
  • Biggest abortion case since Roe v. Wade set to appear before Supreme Court in March
  • Church of England's precipitous decline in membership tied to underlying theological issues
  • Habits formed around smartphone use hinder our ability to communicate face-to-face

The Briefing 01-13-16

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  • Secular worldview unable to cope with irreducibly theological challenges presented by Islam
  • Record low attendance in Church of England indicative of lack in theological substance
  • German publication of annotated 'Mein Kampf' a testament to the tenacity of evil ideas

The Briefing 10-15-15

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  • Swerve leftward of Democrat party away from centrism exposes disappearing middle ground in American politics
  • Election of gay married priest, Christmas parishes expose confusion of gospel mission in Church of England
  • Gallup no longer polling 2016 election, as predicting voters considered too unreliable