The Briefing 08-29-17

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  • Harvey dumps over 9 trillion (and counting) gallons of water on Texas. What does this mean?
  • Is marriage just an ‘evolving institution’? One Australian political figure thinks so
  • ‘X’ marks the spot: Canada adds third gender category to passports

The Briefing 04-17-17

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  • The fragility of liberty: Turkey referendum centralizes autocratic rule of President Erdogan
  • Paranoia on parade: North Korea's militaristic personality cult and the danger it poses to the world
  • In apparent moral surrender, Canada's Trudeau proposes bill to legalize recreational marijuana

The Briefing 04-22-16

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  • World leaders are making the argument that legalizing pot could lead to the defeat of ISIS
  • Canada's assisted suicide bill is not liberal enough for some because it excludes minors
  • Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 90th birthday as longest reigning British monarch

The Briefing 10-21-15

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  • Trudeau made Prime Minister in election that reveals radical worldview shift in Canada
  • Paul Ryan's candidacy for Speaker of House will test ability of Republicans to unify
  • Surge of cannabis industry in Colorado illustrates success in mainstreaming marijuana