The Briefing 05-15-17

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  • "Ransomware" cyber attack affecting over 150 countries stopped by 22 year old surfer—at least for now
  • Days after winning the election, Emmanuel Macron inaugurated as President of France
  • Mormons sever longstanding relationship with Boy Scouts following pattern of rapid liberalization
  • Abortion "God's work"? Setting the record straight on early Christianity's consistent pro-life witness

The Briefing 05-12-17

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  • We can't escape nature: Tennessee judge grants lesbian rights of "husband" in same-sex divorce
  • Will the US military ever be able to write transgender policy that satisfies gender revolutionaries?
  • Historically, LGBT activists were against the US Census collecting LGBT data. Why are they for it now?
  • How the American Civil Liberties Union is standing against the civil liberties of Americans
  • The scouting story continues: Mormon Church severs ties with Boy Scouts of America

The Briefing 02-01-2017

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  • Trump nominates Neil Gorsuch, a textualist in the mold of Antonin Scalia, to the Supreme Court
  • What was behind Trump's decision to fire acting Attorney General Sally Yates?
  • What, then, is a boy? Boy Scouts will now accept transgender "boys" into membership

The Briefing 01-04-17

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  • What is a boy? Boy Scouts of America refuse membership to transgender "boy," controversy ensues
  • What is a woman? National Women's Hockey League accepts biological men in new transgender policy
  • When it comes to the transgender revolution, the rhetoric outpaces the realistic