The Briefing 01-04-17

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  • What is a boy? Boy Scouts of America refuse membership to transgender "boy," controversy ensues
  • What is a woman? National Women's Hockey League accepts biological men in new transgender policy
  • When it comes to the transgender revolution, the rhetoric outpaces the realistic

The Briefing 01-03-17

  • As 2017 dawns, the world anticipates transition of America's presidential administrations
  • In the final days of 2016, terrorist attacks in Berlin and Istanbul again shocked the world
  • Global government and the United Nations: UN swears in new Secretary-General Guterres
  • Why the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Soviet Union is important to remember

The Briefing 12-16-16

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  • Dylann Roof found guilty of murders by federal jury in Charleston, South Carolina
  • War on toys: Hyperinflation plagues Venezuela as socialist government cracks down on Christmas toys
  • What the hunt for 2016's most popular toy, the Hatchimal, says about the American consumer
  • Christology and Christmas: Must Christians believe the virgin birth?

The Briefing 12-15-16

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  • "Winks and nods" from Pope Francis sow confusion in the Roman Catholic church on divorce
  • "Legalized medical assistance in dying": Catholic bishops in Canada capitulate to the culture of death
  • In last-ditch effort, Obama issues new rule to block states from defunding Planned Parenthood

The Briefing 12-14-16

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  • The Battle of Aleppo is over: After 4 years of bloodshed, fighting ceases amidst a humanitarian crisis
  • Reeling after the election, Planned Parenthood braces as the pro-life movement gathers momentum
  • The Senate Judiciary Committee has referred Planned Parenthood to FBI and DOJ for investigation

The Briefing 12-13-16

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  • Limits of intelligence: Why are FBI and CIA disagreed on meaning of Russia's election interference?
  • The folly of Scientism: Washington Post opposes Scott Pruitt for "rejecting settled science"

The Briefing 12-12-16

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  • Election autopsies and religious liberty: Will the Left retreat from moral and legal coercion?
  • New York Times Executive Editor: "We don't get religion."
  • President Obama, bellwether of the moral revolution, now supports registering women for the draft

The Briefing 12-09-16

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  • The real consequences of fake news: Why evangelicals should be concerned with the truth
  • Blurring the line between opinion and news: Do reporters acknowledge complicity in fake news problem?
  • Shrugging at the truth: How postmodernism paved the way for fake news
  • "The last true national hero": John Glenn, first American to orbit the Earth, dies at age 95

The Briefing 12-08-16

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  • Understanding TIME Magazine's choice for Person of the Year, Donald J. Trump
  • What might have been: Hillary Clinton and TIME Magazine's runners-up for Person of the Year
  • Follow the money: Why are soda taxes gaining wider acceptance?
  • Why is Big Alcohol worried about the legalization of marijuana? Follow the money.

The Briefing 12-06-16

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  • The Electoral College, Federalism, and the genius of America's Constitution
  • The tragedy of the Oakland fire points to the good of government in public safety regulations
  • Why is the left infatuated with communist dictators? Abortion, prostitution, and Fidel Castro's legacy
  • What does it say about America that the suburbs are growing faster than city centers?

The Briefing 12-05-16

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  • Moral outrage over currency? Bank of England apologizes for including animal product in new £5 note
  • By our outrage we reveal ourselves: France bans commercial showing happy children with Down syndrome
  • You'll know them by their outrage: Fury over Texas requiring fetal remains be treated as human remains
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