The Briefing 03-17-17

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  • Justice Samuel Alito: "A wind is picking up that is hostile to those with traditional moral beliefs."
  • 1 child, 3 parents: The biological and legal revolutions that are redefining parenthood and the family
  • Reflecting on the 100th anniversary of the fall of the Romanovs and the rise of Communist Russia

The Briefing 03-16-17

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  • What does it mean to be male and female? New push for Equal Rights Amendment would have courts decide
  • Rise of the personality cult and prosperity theology: Widow of cult leader "Father Divine" dies at 91

The Briefing 03-15-17

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  • Fact checking Sen. Schumer at the Washington Post: No, Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms
  • Sore choice for liberal states under AHCA: Lose abortion coverage mandate or deny residents tax credit
  • Changing the story? The background to Disney's new 'Beauty and the Beast'
  • "Age compression": Why our children are getting older younger

The Briefing 03-13-17

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  • Freedom of conscience vs. abortion "rights": New Mexico legislature debates radical new abortion bills
  • Catholicism and the priesthood: Pope breaks with tradition, says he's open to allowing married priests
  • When homework makes history: Danish boy finds German warplane wreckage during WWII assignment

The Briefing 03-10-17

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  • Liberal bias in sportswriting? The worldview chasm between sports fans, athletes, and sportswriters
  • In praise of homemakers: Why societies should greatly esteem the sacrifice of those who raise children
  • Those who say stay-at-home moms waste their education don't get the nature of education or motherhood

The Briefing 03-07-17

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  • Supreme Court announces it will not hear major transgender bathroom case, sending back to lower court
  • Amicus brief filed by liberal religious groups in transgender case undermines religious liberty
  • Trump's wire tapping allegations come in the midst of a "civilization-warping crisis of public trust"

The Briefing 03-06-17

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  • Scientism and ethics: Scientist raises host of ethical questions in human embryo, "embryoid" research
  • Pew: Islam is only religion growing faster than world's population, will outgrow Christianity in 2070
  • The debate isn't over: California cities debate marijuana licensing even as it is legalized statewide

The Briefing 03-02-17

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  • President Trump's address to Congress on Tuesday set a different tone from his campaign
  • What signal is being sent? Disney to have first 'exclusively gay moment' in 'Beauty and the Beast'
  • Anti-Semitism in America: Vandalism and bomb threats against Jewish communities are deeply concerning

The Briefing 03-01-17

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  • Echoing Herbert Marcuse, John Irving urges Hollywood to be "intolerant of intolerance"
  • On being an "honest hypocrite": Why we dislike hypocrisy and what we should do about it
  • Citizens stunned as man is charged with blasphemy for burning Quran in very secular Denmark

The Briefing 02-28-17

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  • Political Hollywood: What the Oscars reveal about American culture and worldview
  • Our political moment: Cadillac ad attempts to bridge the nation's political chasm to sell luxury cars
  • Transgender "boy"—a girl undergoing testosterone therapy—wins girls state wrestling title in Texas

The Briefing 02-27-17

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  • Are we alone in the universe? Discovery of seven earth-size planets prompts perennial speculation
  • In recently discovered essay, Winston Churchill ponders life on other planets and the "Goldilocks" zone
  • Why does a NY Times article about babies learning language in the womb not use the word "fetus"?
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