The Briefing 03-01-16

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  • One-word religious labels becoming less helpful in predicting votes, excepting the "nones"
  • Bernie Sanders has a long political career that evidences his true religion: Revolution
  • Euthanasia of autism patient demonstrates the erasure of all moral lines in Europe
  • The Oscars are an occasion to reflect on Hollywood's expanding and shrinking influences 

The Briefing 02-26-16

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  • Middle ground eroding in abortion debate because it is morally untenable
  • Biggest abortion case since Roe v. Wade set to appear before Supreme Court in March
  • Church of England's precipitous decline in membership tied to underlying theological issues
  • Habits formed around smartphone use hinder our ability to communicate face-to-face

The Briefing 02-25-16

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  • Commander in chief or entertainer in chief? Presidential candidate expectations have changed
  • Literature's power to influence culture made clear in two prominent authors' obituaries
  • Nobel Peace Prize winner and ex-Polish President Lech Walesa denies charges of corruption
  • Entrepreneurs seek to capitalize on cannabis by removing "stigma" around weed 

The Briefing 02-24-16

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  • Dismissing marriage as passé fails to recognize its central importance in healthy societies
  • Psychological, romantic, and moral views of marriage all fall short of the biblical view
  • Biden's words from 1992 come back to bite, reminding us that our words are never forgotten

The Briefing 02-23-16

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  • Pope's recent advice to follow "conscience" in contraception and LGBT issues deeply flawed
  • Younger Americans more accepting of LGBT lifestyles, but Christians bound by the Word of God
  • Same-sex ex-couple's custody case a tragic picture of the insanity of the sexual revolution

The Briefing 02-22-16

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  • As presidential race continues, the field narrows and worldview divides become clearer
  • Death of Antonin Scalia accentuates the importance of elections for American public and private life
  • Argument at Georgetown law school highlights just how liberal American higher ed is
  • Creationists draw ire of media, labeled "evangelical extremists"

The Briefing 02-19-16

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  • Wisdom of Solomon needed in clash between Apple and FBI over privacy and public safety
  • Under CBS standards watchdog Tankersley, network's ethics waned with sexual revolution
  • China worries boys becoming too effeminate, calls for more male teachers to "make boys men"
  • Social media puts girls at higher risk than boys, encourages sexualization and bullying

The Briefing 02-17-16

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  • Gender revolutionaries attempt to abandon "heteronormative" words like husband and wife
  • Doctors treat transgender patients according to biological gender, can't escape design
  • Texas baptists divide on abortion demonstrating worldview runs deeper than identification
  • Brazilian baptists open to abortion connected to liberal baptists in the United States

The Briefing 02-16-16

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  • Christians should not be deterred from praying for anyone, even Richard Dawkins
  • Loneliness alarmingly cited as reason for expansion of physician-assisted suicide
  • Culture of death in Canada demands physician-assisted suicide for future dementia patients
  • UAE creates Minister for Happiness; begs the question, what makes us happy?

The Briefing 02-15-16

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  • Late legal giant Justice Scalia's textualism has direct bearing on biblical hermeneutics
  • Mexican mariology cult eclipses Jesus, falsely teaches Mary as sinless "mediator"
  • Ex-Auschwitz guard urged to break silence in trial and "tell the historical truth"

The Briefing 02-12-16

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  • Discovery of gravitational waves wonderful, but the universe cannot tell its story alone
  • Pope and Russian Orthodox Patriarch to make history discussing future of Christianity
  • Drafting mothers and daughters not only bad policy, but contrary to God's design

The Briefing 02-11-16

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  • Argument rejecting CDC's advice for women of childbearing age to abstain from alcohol a rejection of God's design
  • Attempts to change vocabulary around alcohol abuse remove moral responsibility
  • Crisis pregnancy centers challenge law that forces them to be complicit in the culture of death

The Briefing 02-10-16

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  • Results of New Hampshire primary reflect the truth that even geography matters to worldview
  • Bernie Sanders's "religious feelings" have no doctrinal content yet still trouble atheists
  • GOP shouldn't cut the "God talk," religion a good indicator of worldview and policy
  • Florida man's crime of assault with a deadly alligator a picture of human ingenuity in sin

The Briefing 02-09-16

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  • Rise of socialism's popularity on the Left reveals many unaware of historical failures
  • Clash of worldviews on the Left puts Hollywood and young voters at odds with feminists
  • Global unrest has direct impact on 2016 presidential race in the candidacy of Rand Paul

The Briefing 02-08-16

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  • NARAL's outrage over Doritos ultrasound ad reveals that pro-choice means anti-baby
  • Feminist laments lack of sympathy from feminist friends after miscarriage, mourns child
  • Necco candy chooses gay couple for Valentine's ad, attempts to capitalize on moral revolution
  • $4.5 billion: cost of the battle for our eyeballs over 50 years of Super Bowl advertising
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