The Briefing 11-10-15

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  • Obama immigration executive order blocked by court, sets up Supreme Court ruling
  • University of Missouri system president resigns in midst of racial concerns
  • Concern about trajectory of nation shared by both partisan groups, with problem differing
  • Study finds journalists, interpreters of news overwhelmingly identify as politically liberal
  • Authoritative view of science overlooks role of politics in scientific formulation
  • Morality looms large even in article on demand for 'natural' food for dogs

The Briefing 11-09-15

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  • Supreme Court takes up yet another religious liberty case against Obamacare
  • Media's fixation on same sex marriage evidenced in one edition of New York Times
  • Mormonism and Reformed Judaism illustrate different religious responses to cultural pressure
  • Study on children's self esteem reveals little parents don't already know

The Briefing 11-05-15

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  • Dramatic conservative victories reveal 2015 elections to be a bellwether election
  • Election results exposes major error in liberal narrative of American culture
  • 'Suffragettes' movie avoids early suffragette and feminist opposition to abortion
  • View of modern parenting as more difficult than parenting in past reflects historical naiveté
  • Russian plane crash possibly downed by ISIS, despite previous Western denial

The Briefing 11-03-15

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  • Refugee flood threatens to overwhelm Germany, with displacement that rivals World Wars
  • German church says no need to evangelize Muslims, redefining gospel and missions
  • Bernie Sanders' embarrassment over past positions on gay marriage illustrates moral revolution
  • American parents tending to outsource parenting to library, mobile devices

The Briefing 11-02-15

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  • Kentucky governorship election's significance elevated by conflicts over gay marriage, Kim Davis
  • Amendments to legalize marijuana in Ohio sow confusion as big business co-opts industry
  • Possible overturn of Houston 'bathroom ordinance' threatens city's progressive reputation, economic status
  • Discussion of dying sun reveals secular worldview expectation of end of world

The Briefing 10-30-15

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  • Infamous China one-child policy changed to two-child policy due to demographic, not moral, shift
  • Paul Ryan election to Speaker reveals significance of pageantry of American politics
  • Historical and theological context of Halloween must be remembered, understood

The Briefing 10-29-15

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  • Secular Britain sees future for churches, but not religion, in its society
  • Church buildings less popular wedding venue due to America's growing unbelief
  • Despite opposition of Americans to most abortions, laws remain unaltered

The Briefing 10-28-15

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  • Influence of parenting in indicating and determining worldview evident in millennials
  • Recognition of importance of fathers for boys in New York Times evidence of common grace
  • Objections to national slogan reflect understanding of its inherent theological sense

The Briefing 10-27-15

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  • Cultural cleansing of religious roots from Western civilization desiccating morality
  • Resurgent paganism in Europe, Japan replaces vacuum of secularism
  • Baby Hitler discussion reveals inherent need for a common moral framework

The Briefing 10-21-15

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  • Trudeau made Prime Minister in election that reveals radical worldview shift in Canada
  • Paul Ryan's candidacy for Speaker of House will test ability of Republicans to unify
  • Surge of cannabis industry in Colorado illustrates success in mainstreaming marijuana

The Briefing 10-20-15

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  • Differing views of moral issues facing nation illustrate bifurcation of American politics
  • Republican debate to be held in Boulder exposes diversity of understandings of reality
  • Oprah's ambitions to shape American faith in own image evident in interview with Colbert

The Briefing 10-19-15

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  • Rome Synod of Family exposes fault lines between two visions of Catholicism
  • Unbelievers drawn to divinity schools ultimate conclusion of liberal Christianity
  • Religious pregnancy crisis centers file lawsuit against California's mandate to provide abortion info

The Briefing 10-16-15

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  • Insanity of 'yes means yes' sex ed shows implausibility of sexual morality of consent
  • Generational differences in parenting demonstration of worldview beliefs
  • Inevitable meltdown of transgender movement clear in Chicago school locker policy, non-binary identification
  • Use of 'science' as moral authority evidenced with mislabeling of economics as science

The Briefing 10-15-15

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  • Swerve leftward of Democrat party away from centrism exposes disappearing middle ground in American politics
  • Election of gay married priest, Christmas parishes expose confusion of gospel mission in Church of England
  • Gallup no longer polling 2016 election, as predicting voters considered too unreliable

The Briefing 10-14-15

  • Playboy drops nudity, reacting to effects of pervasive pornographic culture of America
  • Planned Parenthood ducks moral issue of donating fetal tissue by not receiving reimbursement
  • Liberal New Yorkers find appetite overcomes worldview when it comes to Chick-Fil-A