The Briefing 09-07-17

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  • The fate of the Reformation in Western Europe, 500 years later
  • The legacy of nominal Protestantism and cultural Christianity
  • A significant number of atheists in the United Kingdom don’t find atheism intellectually satisfying
  • Mayor of New York City tells us what he really believes and it’s unvarnished socialism

The Briefing 09-06-17

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  • Why policy questions and constitutional questions aren’t always one and the same
  • What should our priorities be in the aftermath of the White House’s decision on DACA?
  • The soul of a civilization as Europe tends toward childlessness
  • Messianic message forbidden in China as Communist Party bans Handel’s Messiah

The Briefing 09-05-17

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  • Lessons small become lessons large: North Korean threat reveals necessity of stability and order
  • The strength of relationships vs. the fragility of stuff in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey
  • Two rival visions of Christianity on display in the response to the Nashville Statement

The Briefing 09-01-17

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  • Princess Diana: Not only a pop culture icon, but also a driver of the moral revolution
  • Hurricane Harvey tests the vocabulary of meteorology
  • Courage under fire: How a kindly grandmother who turned out to be an important WWII spy

The Briefing 08-31-17

· · · · · ·

  • The new functionalist understanding of religion and how it contrasts with biblical Christianity
  • Finding refuge in the muddled middle: What can we learn from responses to the Nashville Statement?
  • Knowledge vs. Faith: Is there a new chasm in American intellectual and religious life?
  • Should children be told that they can be anything they want to be?

The Briefing 08-30-17

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  • Evangelical coalition releases Nashville statement, a manifesto on biblical sexuality
  • Nowhere to hide: Church faces unavoidable questions on issues of sexuality
  • Why the human scale is the most important scale when it comes to Hurricane Harvey

The Briefing 08-29-17

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  • Harvey dumps over 9 trillion (and counting) gallons of water on Texas. What does this mean?
  • Is marriage just an ‘evolving institution’? One Australian political figure thinks so
  • ‘X’ marks the spot: Canada adds third gender category to passports

The Briefing 08-24-17

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  • As the Powerball jackpot soars, states reap reward by preying on most vulnerable citizens
  • Oregon enacts nation’s most radical abortion law, making all taxpayers complicit
  • The sexual revolution goes to kindergarten: Schools 'betray' parents, indoctrinate kids

The Briefing 08-23-17

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  • Explanations of the eclipse reveal clash of worldviews
  • Why Afghanistan is far more than a military challenge
  • After Barcelona attacks, secular Europe still denies the’s theological

The Briefing 08-18-17

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  • Goodness of marriage, family, and work validated in ‘millennial success sequence’
  • Smartphones and happiness: The dangerous effects of screen time on adolescents
  • More time on the internet or less? Great Britain’s debate about technology, security, and health