The Briefing 09-18-17

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  • Why atheists don’t trust other atheists and what this reveals about moral intuition
  • Looking back on the Summer of Love and the cultural revolution, 50 years later
  • Were The Beatles right, is love really all you need?

The Briefing 09-07-17

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  • The fate of the Reformation in Western Europe, 500 years later
  • The legacy of nominal Protestantism and cultural Christianity
  • A significant number of atheists in the United Kingdom don’t find atheism intellectually satisfying
  • Mayor of New York City tells us what he really believes and it’s unvarnished socialism

The Briefing 08-07-17

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  • Richard Dawkins event cancelled over criticism of Islam. Why the double standard?
  • Insecurity of atheism on full display as China bans religion for Communists
  • Searching for legitimacy in a secular age, couples turn to retired New York judges

The Briefing 05-30-17

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  • NPR asks Richard Dawkins: Why do more religious people give their lives for human good than atheists?
  • Study shows fathers and mothers parent boys and girls differently. But secularists want this to change.
  • Why is the left unhappy with Trump's proposal for paid family leave? It isn't "free" for employers.

The Briefing 11-23-16

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  • Thanks be to whom? Celebrating Thanksgiving in an increasingly secular age
  • The sin of ingratitude and the remedy of thanks: Biblical foundations of Thanksgiving

The Briefing 06-07-16

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  • No matter the outcome of today's primaries, Bernie has redefined the Democratic Party
  • How many LGBT Americans? No one knows, which is why Uncle Sam is trying to find out.
  • Atheists venture show of force in D.C., instead reveal demographic and identity problems
  • "Ah... Dear Millennials, please insist on using WORDS to translate the Bible, not emoji."

The Briefing 05-26-16

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  • University of Miami's newly minted Chair for the Study of Atheism isn't an advocacy post. Or is it?
  • Responding to a nationwide crime wave, Chicago's police get creative in crime prevention
  • With perverse irony, pro-choice Britons argue abortion is part of the "calling" of a midwife
  • For celebrities, saving the elephants is the latest fad. Unborn babies? Not so much.

The Briefing 12-17-15

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  • Rapid rate of secularization in the South points to secularism in the pews
  • Battle over marriage in Australia is really a battle over sexual morality and authority
  • Discussion on whether secularism is a religion reveals everyone operates from a worldview
  • Atheists who celebrate Christmas cannot escape the Christ in Christmas
  • Life and redemption of Bob Beckel illustrates the power of the Christian gospel to save

The Briefing 08-10-15

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  • Liberal Canadian denomination faces conundrum in discipline case of atheist pastor
  • Arian Foster's decades-old atheism proclaimed in effort to promote secular worldview
  • Target stops distinguishing between boy and girl toys in concretization of gender confusion
  • One year later, Michael Brown's death symbol of ongoing challenge of racial reconciliation
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