The Briefing 02-20-17

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  • From pro-choice symbol to pro-life activist: Norma McCorvey, 'Roe' of Roe v. Wade, dies at 69
  • Pew Study shows Americans "warming" overall to religious groups, but neutral toward evangelicals
  • North Korea's cult of personality and the mysterious assassination of Kim Jong-un's half brother
  • When a toy is more than a toy: American Girl's new boy doll and Cayla the spying doll

The Briefing 01-05-17

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  • Religion and politics: Why is the 115th Congress more religious than the American people?
  • The American religious landscape: A closer look at Gallup's 5 key findings on religion in America
  • Thomas Sowell, one of the most insightful conservative voices of our generation, retires at 86