The Briefing 06-15-17

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  • Congressional baseball shooting leaves 4 wounded, including Rep. Steve Scalise with critical injuries
  • After finding new fossils, scientists are rewriting the origin story of humanity—again.
  • SBC adopts resolution condemning alt-right white supremacy, affirming biblical unity of humanity
  • How many Jenner's? The sad confusion when Jenner refers to "Bruce" in the past tense
  • What's in a board game? It turns out a lot more history, culture, and worldview than you might think

The Briefing 11-16-16

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  • The alt-right, nationalism, and Stephen Bannon: What do Trump's presidential appointments signal?
  • While Congressional Republicans rally behind Paul Ryan, Democrats wrestle over future of their party
  • The BGCT, a moderate Baptist convention in Texas, confronts two churches over LGBT stance