The Briefing 02-12-16

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  • Discovery of gravitational waves wonderful, but the universe cannot tell its story alone
  • Pope and Russian Orthodox Patriarch to make history discussing future of Christianity
  • Drafting mothers and daughters not only bad policy, but contrary to God's design

Relativity, Moral Relativism, and the Modern Age

Moral relativism and the rejection of absolute truth now shape the modern post-Christian mind. Indeed, relativism is virtually taken for granted, at least as an excuse for overthrowing theistic truth claims and any restrictive morality.

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The Briefing 12-4-15

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  • In aftermath of San Bernardino massacre, nation continues to search for answers
  • Pentagon lifts restrictions on women in combat, denies essential difference between sexes
  • Attempted gay rights ordinance in Jacksonville next stage in moral war of attrition
  • On 100th anniversary, moral relativism shown as unintended consequence of Einstein's theory