The Briefing 01-28-16

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  • Political polling mirrors American sports scene, distorts political process
  • The political process is a reminder that our worldview is fundamental to how we think
  • Though some declare Planned Parenthood "vindicated," the Law of God stands over law of man
  • Upcoming releases from Hollywood expose an underlying worldview careening left

The Briefing 01-21-16

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  • 57,762,169: The number of abortions performed in the United States since Roe v. Wade
  • America's cognitive dissonance on abortion reveals deep moral confusion
  • Abortion remains central issue in 2016 presidential election for Christians

The Briefing 01-15-16

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  • Anglican Communion sanctions Episcopal Church on homosexuality, reaffirms biblical marriage
  • Britain's quest for genetically-modified embryos diminishes dignity of human life
  • Nancy Pelosi's doublespeak on abortion vexes both pro-choice and pro-life movements
  • Head of secular group claims to be Christian while denying central doctrines of the faith

The Briefing 01-11-16

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  • Pride before a fall: Notorious criminal El Chapo recaptured after braggadocios interview
  • Historic Powerball jackpot reveals states' economic exploitation of citizens
  • Planned Parenthood endorses Hillary Clinton in desperate move to protect abortion biz
  • DNC Chairwoman eyes stakes of upcoming election, laments liberal complacency on abortion

The Briefing 12-18-15

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  • Wheaton controversy irreducibly theological: one cannot know the living God and deny his Son
  • Pro-abortion movement laments pro-life direction of country, denies real effects of Roe
  • Liberal agenda to move the American conscience on abortion is on display in Hollywood
  • Kentucky school cuts Bible passage from Charlie Brown program, loses meaning of Christmas

The Briefing 12-8-15

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  • Dividing line in America defined by theism, not belief in the transcendent
  • Feminist Gloria Steinem's individualism glaringly excludes the individual in the womb
  • Bermuda hotel celebrates inclusion by excluding marriage event in the name of diversity
  • Canada primed to legalize marijuana, eyes consequences in Colorado

The Briefing 11-19-15

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  • Generic view of religion undermines ability to respond to theological significance of Paris attacks
  • Abortionist physician for South asserts concern for pregnant woman, neglects baby
  • Atlanta considers billion dollar casino, fails to consider fallout of casino economies

The Briefing 11-17-15

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  • Failure to recognize theological will of ISIS raises question of future of Western civilization
  • Supreme Court to take up most significant abortion case in decades
  • US gives designation of genocide to Yazidis, but not Middle East Christians

The Briefing 11-13-15

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  • Utah judge separates child from lesbian foster parents affirming importance of father and mother
  • Child murder of younger sibling raises horrifying reality of sin, human nature
  • Effectiveness of crisis pregnancy centers alarming abortion supporters

The Briefing 10-29-15

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  • Secular Britain sees future for churches, but not religion, in its society
  • Church buildings less popular wedding venue due to America's growing unbelief
  • Despite opposition of Americans to most abortions, laws remain unaltered

The Briefing 10-19-15

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  • Rome Synod of Family exposes fault lines between two visions of Catholicism
  • Unbelievers drawn to divinity schools ultimate conclusion of liberal Christianity
  • Religious pregnancy crisis centers file lawsuit against California's mandate to provide abortion info

The Briefing 10-12-15

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  • California bill undermining liberty of crisis pregnancy centers, requiring abortion promotion signed
  • Journalist attempts to place responsibility of sex ed on schools, not parents, for sake of moral agenda
  • Secretary of Education resignation reminder of political nature of national education agenda
  • Embarrassment over false prediction of end of the world detracts from seriousness of cause of Christ

The Briefing 10-08-15

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  • Obama apologizes to Doctors Without Borders taking moral responsibility for mistaken hospital strike
  • Congress appoints special committee to investigate abortion more broadly
  • Ohio effort to aid addicted gamblers example of biological reduction of moral accountability
  • Revived Muppets show's promiscuous characters illustrates extent of sexual revolution

The Briefing 10-06-15

· · · · · ·

  • California right to die law signed by governor, furthering redefinition of human life
  • South Carolina flooding reminder of need of all cosmos for redemption
  • Non-theists overwhelmingly support abortion, exposing theological nature of debate
  • Oppostion to police car decal 'In God we Trust' shows depth of secular opposition to truth claims of religion

The Briefing 10-01-15

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  • Planned Parenthood congressional hearing exposes limits of politics on moral issues
  • Pope meeting with Kim Davis underlines quandary of Francis' desire to appeal to everyone
  • Pope's political messaging consequence of sacramental division of practice and doctrine

The Briefing 09-25-15

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  • Pope's Congress address fails to mention Jesus, affirms leftward leading of Roman Church
  • Abortion videos expose divide over abortion as either murder or morally insignificant
  • Pagan Pride Day reveals inherent spiritual identity and needs even in hyper-modern age

The Briefing 09-24-15

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  • Pope's visit time for evangelicals to make clear issue with pope is theological, not personal
  • Nancy Pelosi example of worldview conflict between pro-choice Catholics and Catholic teaching
  • Shout Your Abortion hashtag effort to normalize abortion, claim baby part of woman's body

The Briefing 09-18-15

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  • Appeals court ruling sets up Obamacare religious freedom clash in Supreme Court
  • Obama defends Planned Parenthood, furthers culture of personal autonomy idolatry
  • NFL teams profit from gambling in guise of fantasy football even as it denounces gambling
  • Self-inflicted wound of marijuana on Colorado not a laughing matter

The Briefing 09-17-15

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  • Archbishop of Canterbury to formalize rift in Anglican Communion to preserve some unity
  • Shocking racial disparity evident in abortion unaddressed by abortionists must not be avoided
  • Workaholic culture in Japan pressures women to abort child for sake of career
  • Non-Christians rebuke Christian understanding of doctrine over FBC Greenville