, author of The Conservative Soul, was my guest on The Albert Mohler Program on Thursday. A full transcript of the Sullivan interview is found below. Andrew Sullivan is a serious man of ideas. I believe that his most important ideas are dead wrong. His proposed definition of conservatism is conveniently tailored to allow for same-sex marriage. His libertarian approach to morals legislation has no outer limit when it comes to sexual activities undertaken by consenting adults. His approach represents a radical moral revolution — a revolution unprecedented in human history. This is not a conservative proposal.

But his understanding of Christianity is a far more urgent concern. Christianity haunts The Conservative Soul. Andrew Sullivan’s vision of Christianity is rooted merely in the affirmation of Christ’s divinity — the rest is left to ambiguity and doubt. He denies biblical authority and embraces doubt as his central theme. He still considers himself a Roman Catholic — but he is committed to the normalization of homosexuality.

The interview is important, and I appreciate Mr. Sullivan’s willingness to appear on the program.

I must be very honest and say that my concern is not primarily about winning an argument with Andrew Sullivan. We both believe that ideas are important, and we are both passionately committed to our arguments and worldviews. Nevertheless, I am far more concerned with Andrew Sullivan’s soul than with his arguments, and I pray for him regularly. The only Gospel that saves is the Gospel revealed in the Bible and in the apostolic preaching — repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

LINK: My article, Gay Culture and the Riddle of Andrew Sullivan (October 27, 2005).