Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones–one of the great evangelical preachers of the twentieth century–may have died in 1981, but his writings are still coming to light and to print through the work of devoted family and friends. Crossway has just published Seeking the Face of God, a selection of Dr. Lloyd-Jones’ sermons on the Psalms. The book first appeared in print in 1991, but in Great Britain. This is the first American edition. As always, the great Doctor’s sermons are filled with biblical wisdom.

Here is a paragraph from his sermon on Psalm 63: “I am certain that the way we can attract the masses who are outside the church and outside Christ to the faith is to show that God is with us. People are not interested in something theoretical. The thing that always convinces people is reality. If they see there is something about our lives, a certain quality, a certain calmness and equanimity, the ability to be more than conquerors in every kind of circumstance, if they see that when everything is against us, we still triumphantly prevail whereas they do not, they will become more interested in what we have. They will want to know more about it. I am convinced, therefore, that the greatest need today is Christian people who know and manifest the fact that they know the living God, to whom His ‘loving-kindness is better than life.'”

FOR FURTHER READING: Crossway has published a chapterfrom the book on its Web site [pdf file]. The definitive biography of Martyn Lloyd-Jones was written by Iain Murray of Banner of Truth, who served as the Doctor’s associate for several years. Murray’s biography is a massive two-volume work that is well worth reading.