The Louisville Courier-Journal is at it again, publishing an editorial today decrying Southern Seminary’s shift to a consistent model of biblical counseling. According to the editorial, “Orthodoxy’s March,” this continues the seminary’s “retreat from the mainstream of American life,” making it “more like the insular Bible college that some would like it to be.” Furthermore, the paper slams the move as “part of a national trend toward Christian exclusiveness.” In the following sentences, it links the seminary’s shift in currciulum to the fact that a Jewish cadet at the Air Force Academy was accused of “killing Christ.” Next, we can expect to be blamed for earthquakes in Asia and UFO sightings in Alaska. The Courier-Journal continues its tirade against biblical Christianity. Christianity is fine, in their view, so long as you sing a secular tune. The changes in our counseling program are the result of our determination to train ministers for churches, not therapists for private practice. In addition, we cannot in good conscience teach psychological principles and therapeutic approaches that are incompatible with our theological convictions. The paper published a major front-page article on the curriculum changes in Sunday’s edition, characterizing the context as a battle between the Bible and “science.” [See also this related article.] The paper concluded its editorial today with these words: “As for the seminary, comfort may come from fundamentalist purity, but the long-term relevance of degrees students earn is in question. Meanwhile, Louisville watches, with sadness, as a once important local educational institution follows an ever narrower path.” From this side, we’ll watch as a once important newspaper follows its path into absolute irrelevance.

For more on the Seminary’s new curriculum, see this news story and this article about Dr. David Powlinson’s chapel message.