Ligon Duncan, senior minister of First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mississippi and president of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals has written a fine article offering a biblical and theological critique of open theism — the theological movement that denies God’s knowledge of at least some future events and decisions.
Don’t miss “Openness of God Controversy” published by Reformation21, the e-zine of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. A selection:
What’s the greatest sin ever perpetrated in the history of the known universe? The cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Done, as I recall and according to Peter in Acts 2:23, according to the predeterminate plan and foreknowledge of God, enacted by the hands of sinful men. Did God use that horrendous evil for the purposes of good? He didn’t just use it, he ordained it. Yes, our God is the God who delights to bring evil, to take evil, and bring from it good, and to turn curse into blessing. That’s our God. He’s an awesome and a sovereign God. Furthermore, let me say this. Saying that God is off the hook because he didn’t know what Hitler was going to do doesn’t help you, because, as B.B. Warfield recognized a century ago in his little book, The Plan of Salvation, he says this: “It is immoral to create what you are unwilling or unable to control.” That means that the sovereignty of God rests, not merely on his predestination or merely on his foreknowledge, but ultimately on the fact of his creation.