1. Plan B contraceptive will now be available over-the-counter to girls of any age

Feds: Morning-after pill appeal officially on hold, Associated Press (Tom Hays)

Obama to End Effort to Restrict Morning-After Pill, New York Times (Michael D. Shear and Pam Belluck)

2. President Obama’s handling of recent controversies reveal his paradoxes…and ours

NSA Flap shows Obama’s Many Paradoxes, Wall Street Journal (Gerald F. Seib)

3. Gay Clerks in Supreme Court a grain of sand in vast beach of moral changeĀ 

Exhibit A for a Major Shift: Justices’ Gay Clerks, New York Times (Adam Liptak)

4. Children taking after their parents in how much time is spent on digital devices

Are kids getting too much screen time?, LA Times (Deborah Netburn)