1. Gosnell’s America – He is not the only one with blood on his hands

Abortion stigma created Gosnell, USA Today (Vicki Saporta)Harry Reid: Kermit Gosnell proves need for legal abortion, Politico (Ginger Gibson)

Kermit Gosnell’s America — What His Trial Really Reveals, AlbertMohler.com

2. The dramatic effect of worldview on when, and how, to discuss sex with children

Never too soon to have ‘the talk’ with kids, The Seattle Times (Nicole Brodeur)

3. Portland a magnet for gay couples from all over the world seeking reproductive technology

Portland, Ore., is magnet for gay couples wanting babies, USA Today (Haya El Nasser)

4. China warns officials to “combat dangerous Western values”

China Warns Officials Against ‘Dangerous’ Western Values, New York Times (Chris Buckley)