Story 1 – The end of a personality cult: Hugo Chavez is dead

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Dies, CNN (Catherine E. Shoichet and Dana Ford)

President Hugo Chávez Dies After Battle with Cancer, New York Times (William Neuman)
Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez dies, USA Today (Girish Gupt)

Story 2 – Playboy tries to rebuild in age of free pornography

A Warped Worldview: Another Moral Effect of Pornography, Albert Mohler

Rebuilding Playboy: Less Smut, More Money, Wall Street Journal (Keach Hagey)

Story 3 – Massachusetts transgendered High School

Make Way for Transgender High School, Wall Street Journal (James P. Ehrhard)

Story 4 – Marijuana for Recreational Use?

Should marijuana be legalized for recreational use?, LA Daily News (Editors)