Story 1 – Celebrities, athletes, and reality TV: Is any of it real? Does it matter?

Celeb liars, fakers: Does it matter if it’s real or not? USA Today (Ann Oldenburg)

Story 2 – Blame games and moral dodging: Is anyone responsible for entertainment violence?

A Disconnect Between Violence and Television, Associated Press (David Bauder)

Story 3 – LGBT crowd wary of Obama’s support

At Gay Conference, Applause for Obama Is Spirited but Wary, New York Times (Kim Severson)

Story 4 – ┬áSigns of life at the March for Life

March for Life draws ardent protest against abortion, USA Today (Natalie Diblasio)

Story 5 – Key senators retiring…and taking their names with them.

Court Rejects Obama Move to Fill Posts, New York Times (Charlie Savage)

As GOP looks to pick up Senate seats, caution is the watchword, Washington Post (Chris Cillizza)