Today marks the beginning of the 2013 season.
Story 1 – The Fiscal Cliff: an artificial crisis that points to a very real one

US Congress Passes Fiscal Cliff Deal, Financial Times (Richard McGregor)

A Showdown Long Foreseen, New York Times (Jennifer Steinhauer)

Wonkbook: Everything you Need to Know about the Fiscal Cliff Deal, Washington Post (Ezra Klein)

Story 2 – New year, new laws, and new challenges for constructive Christian thought

Measures to Rule the Land—From Marriage to Marijuana, Wall Street Journal (Dan Strumpf)

Story 3 – The greatest threat to religious liberty in modern times

Hobby Lobby to Defy Law on Contraception Insurance Coverage, Los Angeles Times (Shan Li)

Story 4 – Christians need to pray for Hillary Clinton’s full recovery

Doctors Expect Clinton to Recover Fully From Blood Clot Near Brain, New York Times (Helene Cooper and Denise Grady)