The Justice Sunday program is now history. The media coverage should be interesting. I appeared on Fox News broadcast before the event, but left the debate after the event to others. There was no way to avoid all controversy, since we were dealing with some of the most controversial issues of our times. My point in opening comments was to make clear that the main mission of the church is the Gospel of Jesus Christ–not any political platform or movement. We are a people commissioned to bear witness to the Gospel that saves. Furthermore, we cannot reduce the Gospel to a moral program. At the same time, the Gospel has political implications. Here’s the way I put my case:

“This is a Church that is established upon the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our main message is salvation through grace alone. By faith alone. Through Christ alone. The main message we want to communicate is that we want to see all persons come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior. We want to communicate to all that we are not calling for persons merely to be moral. We want them to be believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, because we don’t just need instruction, we need salvation.”